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GAS leaks can be a cause of major concern, so while dealing with gas appliances you need to be extra careful, as any carelessness can have devastating effects. Gas can be seen used as a fuel for heating, cooking, welding, cutting and for processing products. Pretty much anywhere a flame is needed.

Some common gas related hazards:

Storage tank or a main supply is needed so that the gas can be supplied. They can also be found in form of small cylinders that are provided by the supplier. Gas in form of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), LPG auto gas (LPGA), medical gases and methane can be found at various places.

A number of risk factors are involved while using gas in various ways, such as explosion from damaged, overheated or poorly maintained cylinders, pipes equipment or appliances. There is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and burns caused by contact with flame or hot surfaces.

Usually the pipes through which gas is supplied are located below floors or in wall and ceiling voids, poor maintenance can lead to leaks and buildup of gas. This increases the risk of an explosion.

In case there is a gas leak then you need to follow the following:

  1. First of all remove everyone from the area
  2. Then you need to switch off the gas supply manually make sure that you don’t enter cellars or go below ground to do this
  3. Extinguish naked flames and sparks – but do not turn off lights as it can create a spark
  4. Open all windows and doors
  5. Then you need to contact your local gas supplier


  1. use any electrical equipment
  2. switch lights on or off
  3. enter cellars or go into confined spaces below ground
  4. light matches or have naked flames.

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