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Have you noticed your radiators aren’t heating up as well as they used to or they have cold spots? It’s likely your central heating is calling out for some much needed maintenance. If you’re finding that you need to bleed your radiators regularly and you’re noticing the radiator water is dirty – it might be the case that you need to power flush your central heating system to get it back to its best performance.

Power flushing services cleanse the central heating system and clear it of rust, debris and sludge which can build up and prevent your home from heating as well as it should. It uses a chemical solution and usually only takes a day to complete – even better your radiators don’t need to be disconnected for the power flushing to take place.

Power Flush Essex

Essex Heating Plumbing Solutions Ltd have been power flushing in Essex for decades, operating their family business for almost 40 years. As experts in power flushing, they have been helping people enjoy warmer homes and cheaper bills thanks to improved efficiency.

With heating bills going up every year and colder harsher winters in recent years, your home comfort and your wallet will be thankful for investing in a power flush for your central heating system. The cost will be covered in no time at all thanks to a reduction in the power needed to heat your home efficiently.

If you think our power flushing services can help your home and lower your bills, then please get in touch. We can talk you through the process and book you in for a time that suits you. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the process. Call us now so you can benefit from a warmer home sooner rather than later!


What is power flushing?

A central heating power flush works by flushing a chemical solution through the pipes to clean out build ups of sludge, debris and blockages that are stopping the water being able to flow easily around your radiators, leading to cold spots on your radiators and needing to turn up your heating higher than normal to feel a benefit. By clearing out these blockages with a power flush, water is able to easily flow through the radiators again and keep your home warm efficiently. It also deposits an element that helps prevent future corrosion of your pipes.

How much does a power flush cost in Essex?

Our power flushing starts from £300 and is usually complete in under a day – depending on the size of your home. Power flushing only needs to be done every 5-6 years to keep in the best condition but it can be left as long as 10 years. The investment you make in power flushing will be easily earned back in savings you make on your heating bill thanks to increased efficiency. As well as the saving you will make on heating bills, you will also save money on regular maintenance and fixes as a result of build-up.

Is a central heating power flush messy?

A power flush on your central heating system uses high pressure water and a chemical solution to clear dust, debris, rust and sludge from your hot water system so as you can imagine it is a messy job, but our trained engineers do their very best to keep this contained and always clean up after their work – so no nasty surprises!

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